Case Study - 3D Avatar Revolution: Enhancing Interactivity and Engagement

Snapchat's 3D Innovation project is a game-changer, introducing innovative 3D avatars and interactive AR experiences seamlessly into the app's user interface.

Social Media Innovation, User Engagement Solutions, Digital Experience Enhancement


Our collaboration with Snap, creators of Snapchat, was a venture into the exciting world of 3D avatars and augmented reality (AR). Tasked with enhancing an already popular app, our focus was on developing innovative 3D technology and seamlessly integrating it with Snapchat's existing features to enrich user interaction and engagement.

Innovative Solutions and Technologies

We delved into SceneKit and RealityKit to create high-resolution 3D avatars and immersive AR experiences. The project aimed to expand Snapchat's functionality, making it not only more interactive but also more enjoyable and intuitive for its global user base.

3D Avatars and Interactive AR

Our team developed advanced 3D avatars, allowing users to explore a virtual world and interact in new, dynamic ways. By leveraging QR code technology, these avatars could be projected into real-world settings, offering playful and engaging user experiences.

Enhancing Existing Features

While introducing these new elements, a critical aspect of our work was enhancing Snapchat's existing user interactions. We refined animations and gestures, ensuring they were more fluid, engaging, and entertaining without feeling out of place or disruptive to the app’s standard functionality.

iOS Native Integration

Our work extended to integrating with iOS native technologies, improving functionality and user experience on Apple devices. This included developing widgets and exploring how augmented reality could be naturally woven into the Snapchat experience.

Challenges and Achievements

Balancing innovation with familiarity was our main challenge. We aimed to introduce new features that were exciting yet intuitive, enhancing the Snapchat experience without alienating its existing user base. Through careful design, testing, and collaboration with Snap’s team, we achieved a harmonious integration of new technologies, enhancing the app’s interactivity and enjoyment.

This project with Snap was not just about technological advancement; it was about redefining social interaction in the digital age. By combining innovative 3D technologies with enhanced user interactions, we helped Snapchat offer a more enriched and engaging experience, setting a new standard in the world of social media applications

What we did

  • 3D Modeling
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Mobile App

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