Case Study - Mirvac Next: Pioneering Urban Transformation

Empowering Mirvac’s Vision: Transforming Urban Life through Strategic Digital Solutions, System Integration, and Innovative Technology Advancements.

Integrations, Solution Architecture, Platform Development


Fullsuite embarked on a transformative journey with Mirvac, a leader in Australian property, to drive the Mirvac Next initiative. We embodied our human-centric touch, focusing on empathetic, user-friendly solutions in redefining urban living and expanding the Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector.

Project Overview

Our engagement involved enhancing Mirvac's digital landscape with creativity and innovation, supporting their ambitious expansion in the BTR market. We made their platforms more accessible, secure, and future-ready. This was pivotal in supporting Mirvac's goal to double its $1.8 billion BTR fund to 5,000 homes over five years. Our work aligned closely with their vision of reshaping urban landscapes through advanced digital solutions.

Innovative Solutions

Fullsuite provided a range of comprehensive digital solutions, including custom application development, migrating Mirvac from legacy applications to cost-effective, modern infrastructures. This strategic move significantly cut operational costs and streamlined processes. Our expertise in solution architecture, frontend and backend technologies, cloud technologies, and database management played a crucial role in upgrading Mirvac's digital infrastructure, enhancing efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

Collaboration and Transformation

Our close collaborative approach with Mirvac was integral to the project's success, involving active participation in creative solution engineering and requirement analysis. We focused on creating technology-driven solutions that enhanced user experiences across Mirvac's platforms, ensuring seamless interaction between products and platforms.

The Fullsuite and Mirvac collaboration is a testament to our capability in delivering complex, transformative digital solutions in large-scale business settings. By working closely with Mirvac, we contributed to a significant evolution in urban living, demonstrating Fullsuite's commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of digital transformation. This project not only marks a significant step in Fullsuite's journey but also solidifies our position as a leader in driving business transformation in the property development industry.

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