Case Study - Mirvac's Migration from Mulesoft to Kumologica

Case Study: Mirvac's Migration from Mulesoft to Kumologica - A Seamless Transition to Innovation and Cost Efficiency

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In an era where digital transformation dictates the pace of business evolution, choosing the right integration platform is crucial for operational efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. At Fullsuite, we executed a successful migration of Mirvac’s, one of Australia’s leading property groups, integration platform from Mulesoft (versions 3 and 4) to Kumologica. This strategic move was motivated by the need for a more flexible, cost-efficient, and developer-friendly integration solution.


Mirvac, with its extensive portfolio in the real estate industry, found its operations increasingly hampered by the limitations imposed by Mulesoft's versions 3 and 4. The challenges included high licensing costs, vendor lock-in, and a steep learning curve for development and enhancements. These issues not only escalated operational costs but also hindered agility in implementing new integrations or modifying existing ones.


The primary objective was to transition Mirvac's integration platform to a more adaptable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solution without compromising on functionality or performance. The goal was to ensure seamless migration with minimal disruption to ongoing operations, thereby achieving significant cost savings, eliminating vendor lock-in, and facilitating the adoption of industry best practices.


We proposed Kumologica as the ideal replacement for Mulesoft due to its close feature parity with Mulesoft, sans the associated disadvantages. Kumologica, being a next-generation integration platform, offers a developer-friendly environment with a low-code approach, significantly reducing the learning curve and accelerating development cycles.

Key Steps in the Migration Process:

  1. Pre-migration Planning: Conducted a thorough analysis of Mirvac’s existing Mulesoft integrations, identifying key areas for improvement and mapping functionalities to Kumologica equivalents.

  2. Collaboration: Worked closely with the Mirvac team to ensure a clear understanding of the business logic and integration workflows, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge transfer and decision-making.

  3. Development and Testing: Utilized Kumologica's intuitive design environment to recreate the integrations, with a focus on enhancing performance and scalability. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure a seamless transition.

  4. Deployment and Optimization: Implemented the integrations in a staged manner, monitoring performance closely and optimizing processes for maximum efficiency.

Training and Handover: Provided comprehensive training to Mirvac’s team on Kumologica, ensuring self-sufficiency in managing and enhancing the integrations moving forward.


The migration project was a resounding success, marked by the smooth transition of all critical integrations to Kumologica without any significant disruptions to Mirvac's operations. Key outcomes included:

  • Significant Cost Savings: Mirvac benefitted from a drastic reduction in operational costs, primarily due to Kumologica's cost-effective licensing model and the elimination of vendor lock-in.

  • Enhanced Developer Experience: The ease of development and enhancement in Kumologica, compared to Mulesoft, empowered Mirvac’s team to be more agile and innovative in their integration strategies.

  • Adoption of Industry Best Practices: The migration process was an opportunity for Mirvac to realign its integration strategies with the latest industry best practices, further enhancing efficiency and scalability.

  • Exceptional Support: The project's success was also attributed to the excellent support from the Kumologica team, who were instrumental in providing guidance and assistance throughout the migration process.


The migration from Mulesoft to Kumologica stands as a testament to our commitment to empowering clients with cutting-edge technology solutions that drive efficiency, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. For Mirvac, this transition has laid the foundation for a more agile, scalable, and cost-efficient future, demonstrating the transformative potential of the right integration platform. As we continue to explore new horizons in digital transformation, this case study exemplifies our expertise in navigating complex migrations and our dedication to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.

This case study not only showcases the technical and strategic aspects of the migration project but also highlights the collaborative spirit between our agency, Mirvac, and Kumologica. It serves as a blueprint for similar organizations contemplating a shift from traditional, costly integration platforms to more agile, cost-effective, and developer-friendly alternatives.

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